Networking : Why

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Your organization may need a network if :
- Several users need a high-quality printer.
- People are having trouble finding, sharing, and copying data.
- Co-worker exchange files by swapping disks more than once a day.
- Employees share physical filing cabinets or manually access data in any kind of shared filing cabinet.

The network can also be use to :
- Improve communication within your workgroup or organization.
- Provide better computer management.
- Allow controlled access to sensitive data.
- Allow centralized backup of all data.
- Efficient information sharing.
- File sharing between difference environment.
For example, between Macintosh user and PC user.
- There are more than this ......

In the network environments, the network applications such as scheduling and GroupWare can be run. Those applications are providing organization with the tools for coordinating teams and project across departments, companies, and businesses. For example, a GroupWare may be used to track a project developments process so that it can be monitored, edited, shared, and managed by all team members regardless of their location.


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