Networking : High-end network approach

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Our High-End Network Approach has two models :
Centralized Computing and Client/Server Computing

Centralized Computing

This approach is allowed using the thin clients to run powerful software. For example, Microsoft Offices 97 to be running on your 386 machines. This approach is suitable for who have a lot of old PC because you can make use of it. All you need is a large and very powerful computer to centralize every process requested by the thin client. Applications such as word processors, databases, and spreadsheets can be shared more easily in this approach.

This offers at least two benefits :

  • It makes application programs less expensive because buying site license for 200 users on an application is usually cheaper than buying 200 individual copies of the application.
  • It ensures that everyone will be using the same version of the product.

Client/Server Computing

Client/server technology creates a powerful environment that offers many benefits to organizations. Well-planned client/server systems provide relatively inexpensive platforms that provide mainframe-computing capacity. It can benefit any organization where great numbers of people need constant access to large amounts of data. It cuts down on network traffic. This means your network will respond even faster. Tasks are divided between the client and the server for more efficient running of the network.
In a client/server environment, the servers are easier to secure and maintain in one location. Data is more secure because it is centrally located on one or on a small number of servers. When the data is on one location and managed by one authority, backups are simplified.

The client/server network is the most efficient way to provide Database access and Management for application such as :

  • Spreadsheets
  • Accounting
  • Communications
  • Network management
  • Document management
  • Centralized file storage


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