Networking : Groupware

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With our network solution, We can help you to create or customized a GroupWare to be running in your network. The main purpose of creating GroupWare is to help your growing business communicates better, enhance customer service, manage growth, project your image through the internet, simplify daily tasks, and focus on other strategic objective.

GroupWare uses network communications technology to provide real-time document management in a centralized location. GroupWare can facilitates several processes among multiple users including routing and tracking.

With GroupWare, teams will have simultaneous access to both information and each other. Team members do not have to work within the same department or even within the same company. These groups and teams can include :

  • Employees
  • Business partners
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
Customized GroupWare can be used for :
  • Automating a variety of routine business tasks.
  • Coordinating projects and document development.
  • Tracking projects.
  • Managing customer relations.
  • Tracking customer inquiries.
  • Managing group processes.
  • Facilitating group discussions.
  • Routing and sharing information.


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