Programming & Development
Brief Overview of Application Development

We develop application systems to serve clients by providing them with various information processing and reporting capabilities. The development of a customized application system involves the following phases or stages :

Phases Activities

1.0 Systems Analysis

1.1 Client services request Define user needs and objectives
Develop outline design
1.2 Feasibility study Provide cost estimate
Perform benefit analyses
Identify deliverables of work
Develop work plan and schedule

2.0 Systems Design

2.1 Detail requirements definition Develop detailed requirements
2.2 Systems design Develop design approach
Develop design specification
Develop acceptance test plan
Develop training plan

3.0 Systems Development

3.1 Program development Develop computer programs
Develop test plan and approach
Perform program walk-through
3.2 Applications testing Conduct and review unit tests
3.3 Manual development Develop procedure manuals

4.0 Systems Implementation

4.1 Training Conduct user training
4.2 Conversion Convert and validate files
Install hardware and software
4.3 Production support Provide support for operations personnel


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