Programming & Development

We adopt adequate application system development methodology for development of new or revised application systems to ensure that clients secure an economical, controllable and modifiable application systems which produces consistent results to satisfy client requirements. It is our objective to provide services at reasonable costs and yet of such a standard that client satisfaction is maximized and client's organizational goals and objectives are achieved according to scheduled dates.
  • Complete application systems analysis, design, development, implementation and training for small and medium businesses to satisfy their specific administrative and accounting requirements.
  • Application systems maintenance covering programs modifications, revisions or changes to existing programs to ensure these programs continue to serve the changing needs of users.
  • Cost benefit analyses.
  • Advice on the design and acquisition of a complete information system.
  • Advice on acquisition and implementation of software productivity tools.
  • Data processing support.
  • Production support for operations personnel.
  • File conversion, maintenance and recovery.
  • Data file and program interfacing to other applications.

Client may acquires custom developed application programs in one of the following ways :

  • Outright purchase and hence ownership of the complete and total application system including all program documentation such as source program listing, flowcharts and operations manual. In general the cost of acquisition of such a system is high.
  • Limited license whereby clients may obtain the use of either an available or a yet-to-be-developed application program by payment of an initial licensing fee plus the cost of modification, implementation and training. We remain the ultimate owners of the software. Continual maintenance support may also be provided.

In our applications and systems development work, we adopt a variety of software tools. Microsoft state of the art programming tools is the major approach employed by us for the development of a wide variety of business applications.

Some of the key features of programs created :

  • they can be stand-alone executable modules or client-server up to three tier
  • ability to call outside programs written in C or Assembly
  • more powerful features and enhancements
  • no practical limit on data and record size


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